APCO International Project 33 Training Program Certification


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Background Info

The APCO P33 Training Program Certification – Telecommunicator 2010 is a recognition program for public safety communications training programs across the nation. The program requires agencies to meet or exceed the APCO ANS 3.103.1-2010: Minimum Training Standards for Public Safety Telecommunicators.  The application for submitting a training program for consideration has been revolutionized into an electronic upload online application.

The Application & Supporting Materials

The Point of Contact (POC) will be responsible for completing an online application and providing information on how the agency’s training program meets and/or exceeds the requirements of the APCO ANS 3.103.1-2010: Minimum Training Standards for Public Safety Telecommunicators. APCO login credentials are used to access the online application. The standard is available to download for free at www.apcostandards.org.

1. Guest Application -
Review the application prior to paying the fee for the APCO P33 Training Program Certification. Become familiar with the APCO ANS 3.101.1-2010 Minimum Training Standards for Public Safety Telecommunicators and what is required before embarking on this endeavor.

2. Application - The first step is to complete basic information about the center and the agency training program including specifics about services provided, length of training, continuing education and more.

3. Manage Files - You will be able to upload related material for each standard under the “supporting documentation” field during the application process in the Chapter tabs. As you proceed through the standards, you can select a previously uploaded document or upload different documents. Supporting documentation may include, but is not limited to:

Curriculum Materials
Latest lesson plan
Current version of training materials
Audio/Visual aids and their descriptions
Performance examinations/instruments
Class Evaluation Form
Instructor Support Materials

Additional Materials
Agency Policy Manuals
Agency Training Policies
Employee Assistance Programs

4. Standards - These are the requirements that must be met and/or exceeded by the agency’s training program. Within the standard “should” is a recommendation and “shall” is a requirement. All requirements must include supporting documentation and explanation. If a standard is recommended and not required, it is optional for the agency to meet the standard. If the agency chooses not to meet the recommendation, please state “n/a” in the explanation and provide a reason.

5. Final Submit - This is the final step to submitting an application. The online application with supporting documentation can be saved as you proceed if work cannot be completed all at once. The application and checklist will not be considered for review until submitted under the "Final Submit" tab. Failure to do so will mean that your training program will not be received by APCO for certification consideration.


There is a fee to apply for APCO P33 Training Program Certification. The fee for the program must first be submitted and processed before the online application can be accessed. If you have not yet submitted the fee, please click here.  If you are already an APCO Member, please ensure you have logged into your account to receive the member discount price.  If you forgot your log in information, please contact membership@apcointl.org.  To learn more about APCO P33 Training Program Certification, please visit www.apcointl.org/P33